Saturday, October 9, 2010

On the Plane again

Last night our labtop bit the dust, we'll kind of. It broke but we were in luck we were at Ryan's. WOW is all I can say, Ryan not only fix's it but makes it work better than it ever has. THANKS RYAN!!!! Josh has never been happier. We spend the morning talking, letting the kids play, and relaxing. That afternoon we board our plane for Miami, FL. Shortest flight ever. It was awesome! I think we were actually in the air not counting going up and coming down maybe 20 mins. We land and wander around the airport trying to figure out were to go for a while. Finally we catch or shuttle and head for the Mariott for a couple of days. My family it suppose to be meeting us there but there flight doesn't land still for a while. We just go to the hotel, we decide we are hungry so there are like 4 different flyers with pizza delivery so we figure that is what we will get. One advertises that they speak English so we give them a try. Speak English yeah right! Couldn't understand a word they say, they ask our hotel and room number and that is about it, then they hang up, were not sure if food is coming or not, we did manage to hear 25 or 55 mins were not sure. We'll it is about 1 hour and 1/2 later still no food, so Josh goes out walking to find food. There is just a little food joint about 5 mins away, he gets the food and the people call asking questions Josh says he doesn't want the food anymore, now it has been like 1 hour 45 mins since we called to place the order. He gets back to the hotel we start to eat and the phone rings, it is the pizza guy now he is over an hour late, and asking if we still want it, we can barely understand what he is saying, and we already told him we didn't want it, he is desperate and offers it at a discount. We already have food, we've waited over and hour for the food to show up, and we ordered it more than 2 hours ago. I felt bad, oh well, needless to say we didn't get the pizza, and never tried to get pizza again. What a night, I think we finally eat around 9, family finally got to the hotel around 11ish. What a night were all tired we go to bed cause we have to be up early for church.

Toren giving Addy kisses goodbye.
We had so much fun, thanks for letting us come visit!
In the Tampa airport by our terminal there were these climbing toys, Addy loved them!
The REALLY big red van Grandpa rented to go to church in :)

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