Friday, October 8, 2010


Flordia is hot! But we loved it, well, Josh isn't sure if he likes it or not. I love it humid I don't feel so dry. Today we spent the whole day with Ryan and Toren, the cousins were so happy to see each other in the morning, more playing for them. A little later we had to the Tampa University Campus to see where Ryan teaches, the campus was beautiful. There was a ton of history the main building used to be a hotel, and it was just gorgeous. At noon we go watch Uncle Ryan and Josh play a friendly game of soccer on campus. (Toren went to daycare for a few hours). We have lunch and we all head to the Zoo. What a cool zoo. We see tons of fun animals and one we have never seen the Manatee. Pretty cool. The zoo is so open that the birds aren't in cages they are just in the open, and so are the monkeys but with the monkeys there are electric fences. We got to see alligators, touch sting rays, and feed the birds. Later that night we went to a very quaint mexican restuarant, and some Ice cream after.
Here is Ryans Campus, it is beautiful! Here is the veranda of what used to be a hotel, but is now part of the University Campus, this building is the one Ryan's office was in.
Warming up for a little Soccer. Go Daddy! Go Uncle Ryan!

Playing a friendly little game of soccer.
We are ready for the zoo lets see some animals.
White Tiger
Feeding the Budgies, Addy kept trying to touch them, I think she actually touched one of them.

Petting Sting Rays
Addy & Toren on the way to dinner, they would hold hands.

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