Sunday, October 10, 2010

A very relaxing sunday

Church, Swimming & Some Good Food!

We started off the day by getting up and going to church, a cute little church that happens to be named Kendall, on Kendall avenue. We found that ironic, since my Aunts last name is Kendall, so of course we had to take
In front of the Church"Kendall"
After church we were starving, right next to our hotel was a Cuban restaurant, it was so Yummy!!!
Addy having a pre-lunch snack
Then it was time for a swim :)
Daddy & AddyGrandpa Having a little reading time next to the pool
hot tub
Uncle Alex & Addy
Grandma & Addy
She didn't like her knees on the cement
these little lizards are everywhere
these were cool walls all over the lobby they changed colors

We ended the night having some more food, and
just spending time in my parents room talking and relaxing.
Our hotel rooms
These were at the bottom at some of the palm tree's helping them to grow straight
Addy decided she wanted to take her bath in the sink, silly girl

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