Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This morning we arrived in Nassau, Bahamas. What a great day. There was lots of raining today too, but again good warm rain, not annoying just refreshing! We are loving the warmth! We ported in Nassau, we then all got in a taxi, and headed for Paradise Island, TO GO TO THE BEACH!!!! Believe it or not, Not Mom or Addy, Aunts or Uncles have ever swam in the ocean. I know crazy, but oh the fun we had, the waves were crazy they push you right over and pull you right out, then another one comes in and pushes you right back in. There were a couple that knocked us and drug us across the sand, we all got our fair share of salt water to the face. Man that stuff burns down the throught and up through the nose.

beach bums

people parasailing

These 2 party poopers got in the water a little but mostly stayed on the beach

Can you see the sunken boat?

One of the Bahamas Navy ship

On our way back from the beach

Here we are getting back on the ship, well at least for a few minutes, We left Grandpa, Josh & Addy to take naps, the rest of us went out souvenir shopping it pored rain like I have never seen before, we all look like we had been swimming in our clothes by the time we got back.
It was also a great night for shopping on the ship
Addy of course enjoying the endless supply of stairs
playing in the arcade
the ship at night
most of us all went to bed, but Grandma & the Aunts and Uncles went up for a little poolside fun. There they had all sorts of fruit & ice sculptures along with an endless supply of chocolate to dip it in. Those of us that missed it were awfully sad

Our towel animal for the day a swan

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