Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Key West

Or 2nd day we ported at Key West, FL. It was raining all day long, but it was warm rain so it was refreshing and very much enjoyed. In Key West we mostly just walked around and shopped, Addy did a little bird chasing :)
The pool
A few of us taking a morning swim
Part of Key West
The port in Key West
This was a really cool shopping center, you walk through this jungle themed area and through a boat into a store.
This rocking boat was really cool, it only cost $234.00 wow way too much!
Chasing pigeons
After a day of shopping we had a wonderful dinner, it was our formal night
Raegan & Lenuta she was an excellent waiter
Emily, Joel Jaca our other excellent waiter
Grandma & Addy
Part of our dinner, there you will see es cargo Josh got it loved it, Me and David tried it, wasn't that bad, probably wouldn't have it again too chewy
Dancing around the dinner tables
At the show afterwards
This was one of Addy's good friends on the cruise, the were a month and a half apart. Addy & Ella
our elephant towel animal left on our bed

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