Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coco Cay

Today was our last port before going home, a private island owned by Royal Caribbean. It was beautiful. We had tons of fun, mostly we stayed on the beach and snorkeled, but we did do a little shopping, and there was a buffet lunch on the island for us.
The opening to the island
here is the beach that we snorkeled at
these were the little boats that shuttled us back and forth to the ship

Sting Ray

some getting ready to start snorkeling. We saw a sting ray, tons and tons of fish, parts of a boat, and 2 planes, one they actually put down there, the other was an actual wreck

addy taking a snooze

eating some lunch, is was yummy

Addy loved this little boy, they played and played together on the sand
sad back to the ship
grandma and addy

off to dinner

Dad had her giggling like crazy
she hated the shower, so most of her baths were in the sink
check out our pig

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