Friday, October 15, 2010

Left Behind

Today we woke up early and got off of the ship. Sad :(
So the rest of the family all left today. There was a little mix up, we were told everyone was flying out saturday, so I booked our flight for saturday. Turns out everyone was leaving friday. Oops. Oh well I turned out well, we just caught a cab and went to a hotel for a little rest. We ate some subway, and decided to go for a swim, but burr it was way way way too cold. We had a crib sent up to our room. Scariest crib ever, I nicknamed it the crib of death! I did end up putting her to bed after some very clever remodeling of it, although I did wake up frequently to make sure she was still okay in it.
Our room
Addy unpacking, her toys of course :)

Josh, finally internet, he was so excited

Crib of death

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