Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still Pregnant

We'll we are still pregnant, and I've come to terms that she may never come out:) I know that sounds funny but I'm really okay with her not coming out for a few weeks yet. I was so anxious and disappointed that I was still pregnant and not doing anything, but I'm 100% okay with it now.

My doctor was out of town this week, so I had to go see another doctor this week, he was really nice, and since he wasn't my doctor I had the option to check my cervix or not, so I choose not, since I really doubt anything has happened anyway. It was funny he came in introduced himself, then they were going to check her heart beat, measure her, then he said he would give me a guess on her weight, which I was so excited since I honestly have no idea what she may weigh right now. Anyway I get up on the table and you have to lift you shirt and pull your funny pregnant pants down a little to get the monitor on your tummy... These were the first words out of his mouth "WOW! those stretch marks really did a number on you!" I'll be the first one to admit, my skin has not stretched well in the least bit, I hear it is genetic (thanks mom :)) I've tried everything, but nothing really works, but I've come to accept my beautiful stretch marks :) Anyway it caught me so off guard I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry. So anyway that was pretty funny. They asked if I had had any problems or any contractions. I just kinda gave a chuckle and responded, "Nope! I'm doing nothing!" They seemed amused but not concerned with the answer so I guess I'll just stay pregnant until someone (me or the doctor) decides to do something about it. Oh ya the baby is great, nice strong heart beat, still a little wiggler. And the Doctor guessed she is around the low 6 pound range. So all is well!



Kyle and Jess Thackeray said...

Jess! You are so funny! I hope that your baby will come out when you want her too! :) I was induced on my due date, because I didn't want to be pregnant a day later! :) But I am sure it will be just fine whenever it happens! I hope everything goes well, and keep us posted! love ya!

Craig and Sharelle said...

You're such a good sport! I guess the modesty standard really does become a blessing after the babies come! Just know you're not the only one with stretch marks. You won't be pregnant forever, though!