Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had such a fun Halloween this year... I went up to my family's Famous Donuts party... Were my Grandma & Grandpa Anderson, now Uncle Shawn and Aunt Carolyn make the Famous Anderson Donuts and we had soups and stuff.... We all just pretty much sit around and eat ourselfs sick, most of us married cousins didn't have our husbands there because they couldn't make it, so we had really fun chatting for hours....

Later that night, we meet up with our friends and had a fondue party, turned out great. Was SO much fun!! Some dressed up, some didn't so, as we were running out of the house we thought of some cheep funny costumes.... I was a pumpkin, Josh was a ghost... We had a blast... Here are some of the pictures....

Here we are! We just taped black paper to our shirts :)

Here are Miles and Jocyln, Miles is a Blues Brother!

Here are Heidi, Stricker and TJ, Heidi is a Farmer!

Here is Sean!

Here is Eric & Jenny and there Darling little girl Evelyn, she was a lady bug :)

Here is Jenny with the Trick-or-Treaters, it was so funny, she loved handing out the candy she would run to the door :)

Here is what was left of dinner after we got done, I wish I would have taken a picture, we had SO much food! And it was all Yummy!!!

Here is Miles Halloween desert he made us, its a spider, it was red velvet so even the insides were red. It came complete with eyes, legs, and even looked hairy, Way to go Miles!!!

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