Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Floating Baby

I'm really not quite sure where to start :)

I went to Perinatology this morning, and my dear dear friend and neighbor came with me. Thanks Jen! It was nice to have someone there to talk to. Anyway, the baby is great. She is indeed still a girl. They figure her to weigh about 7.5 lbs. Everything looked great, and she still had plenty of fluid around her. So that was really all there is to say about that. Here are some new photos of her although I really can't see anything.

Then off we went to the Doctor and this is what he had to say. The baby is floating. He kept calling her the floating baby. She should be lodged down in my pelvic bone, but she is literally still just floating around in her amniotic fluid, her head is down, but it is more towards my left hip, instead of in the middle moving down like it is suppose to. So next comes the big surprise right, nope not really still nothing with the cervix. He used a different phrase today though, last week he said he couldn't even dimple it, this week he laughed and said it was still impenetrable. Since the baby is still doing well, there is really no need for them to just take me since I'm just 39 weeks. So he wants me to wait it out another week to see if anything happens, just since recovery will be so much easier if she decides to come, although the chance of that is not very high at this point, but it can't do any harm for either of us by waiting till 40 weeks so were just sitting tight. He wanted me to go for a stress test before my next appointment next tuesday, but Perinatology just had an opening for thursday, so thrusday I'm going to get a stress test to make sure other areas of the baby are still doing well. Then tuesday I go back to the doctor to be checked again to see if there is any change, although the Doctor and I both think that there isn't much chance for change. So I guess I'll just hold out till tuesday then he is going to figure out what to do with me, we have 2 options, he can try to mess with my cervix to see if he can get anything going and get her to come down, but like he said only 8% of people actually end up delievering vaginally that are like me, or he can do a c-section then there isn't any stress on the baby or me, since there is a 92% chance that this is how it will likely end. So were just waiting to see what happens, he hasn't decided exactly what to do yet, because he just wants the safest way for both the baby and I since where giving the baby time to do what she is suppose to. Anway, either way I'm okay with. I trust my doctor 100% either way.


Aubrey said...

Wow. I can't believe Baby doesn't want to come out. She is so in trouble when she gets here. Hold in there. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

Craig and Sharelle said...

You're such a trooper Jessica! Way to go. She must just want to take advantage of her warm, cozy place for as long as she can. You're awesome to wait it out, and I'm glad things are still looking good. Good luck with the next couple weeks. They really will end...