Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doctor Update!

Here we are 38 & 2 days pregnant
My Doctor is back in town this week, and it's great to have him back. I'm beginning to think last weeks Doctor didn't know so much. I'm feeling quite comfortable, I know this sounds weird, but these past 2 weeks I've felt better than I have my whole pregnancy. I haven't felt any contractions, and I'm beginning to think I may have not even felt any braxton hicks. I was talking to the doctor telling him how hard my stomach is, there just can't be too much room left in there at all, I can't bend well because it is all baby there is nothing to bend. He listened to her heart she has a good strong heart beat still so that is great. What is not so great, he measured my stomach and said well you are getting up there, then he felt around my belly and said it really was all baby. Apparently he doesn't think she is going to be small, she is big, how big we have no idea, but possibly too big for me. Then they checked my cervix, still nothing, big surprise right? :) Not! Anyway it looks like she isn't deceding lower at all (into the pelvic area) , because they think she is too big, hence no contractions, no thinning, no dialating, and the possibility that she may not fit out. So things are going to be different this week he said. I have an appointment set up for tuesday at Perinatology for an ultrasound to see how big she is and get a weight. Then I go right to the Doctor with the results to see what to do next. Aparently people doing what I'm doing have a whopping 8% chance of delivering the normal way. So it's looking like a good chance for a c-section. I laughed and said I was okay with that, I wasn't scared, just get her out :) Anyway so that is all the news I have maybe we'll have this baby next week, if she is big, won't fit, and lungs are ready to go. I've kept saying she was too comfortable and they would have to surgically remove her, I guess it's mom's intution. I'm 100% okay with the c-section idea. Plus there is a chance if they just take her I will never have to feel contractions or push, sounds good to me. So I guess I'll try to hang tight till tuesday and see what we do next.

11 Days to go, (hopefully less, not more) guess we'll wait and see


RTC said...

I just hope everything works out okay.

Oh, and if you have to choose between a c-section and vaginal delivery, the pros and cons are a tough choice. Vaginal is painful during the delivery (though substantially reduced with an epidural). However, assuming there is no tearing, the recovery is much quicker (you can be up and around in days or about a week).

C-Section, on the other hand, is a bit traumatic (it is major surgery), but you'll have an anesthetic so you won't feel the pain during the surgery. However, the recovery is much more difficult - about a month - and there is a permanent scar.

Of course, as you stated, the important thing is that you and the baby are both healthy and safe. But the two options both have pros and cons.

The Nolands said...

Wow, you've got a chubby one, huh? Well, hope everything works out well. Things have a way of working out the way they should. Good luck!

Aubrey said...

Keep me updated, we haven't talked in a while. I hope everything goes great either way.

Chatzy said...

I had a c-section with Serena and it wasn't bad at all. I just woke up, went in, had a baby... just like that. Recovery does take longer but to be honest (and maybe because I had nothing to compare it to) it wasn't bad at all. And the scar... it's like a battle wound, and nobody can see it anyway. I am seriously considering having a c-section with all my babies.

hano&brittanymelendez said...

It seems like you have been pregnant forever and that is sad because I dont even see you. The other day Hano was like Jessica is still pregnant. I am sorry I am sure you are feeling the same way ha ha. You look really cute though.