Friday, October 30, 2009

Daddy Woke Us Both Up!

I found this funny, I'm not sure if she did just happen to wake up or if her daddy really did wake her up.

We had been to bed for a while last night, Josh was tucked down in his blankets and I was higher up in the bed, cause I wasn't cold :) Anyway he was faced to me and I was faced to him, but he was lower so his head was somewhat close to the baby. All of a sudden, he started snoring really loud for just a couple of seconds. It woke me up and then what do you know seconds later the baby is awake in my tummy going crazy, now this is unusual at this time for her, she has her set wiggle times. It was almost like it scared her out of her sleep and she just wasn't sure what to do. So I'm thinking daddy scared her and woke her up too. All I could do was laugh, going you've got to be kidding me I'm never going to be able to get to sleep, the little thing was wiggling like crazy. She only ended up wiggling for a couple minutes though, then she went back to sleep. So I've come to the conclusion, that Daddy woke us both up last night, that is impressive.

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