Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Food Poisoning Night!

Family Food Poisoning Night! Doesn't that just sound like about the most fun anyone could ever have? Let me tell you it was quite the night! We think the frozen sandwiches that go in the microwave were the culprit, it lasted about 8-12 miserable hours. I do not recommend this. I started feeling sick the first, didn't think anything about it, but my sandwich was a little off, so I thought I would just sleep it off. The rest of the night went as followed. I started to violently throw up, took a shower, came out put Addy to bed. Went to bed but couldn't sleep I felt so sick. Josh starts to violently throw up, baby wakes up, hurry and feed her. Ran to put her in her crib, thought she would stay asleep WRONG! Josh is over the toilet, I'm over the sink, Addy is screaming in her crib. And it is now midnight! Yay! What next. We get cleaned up, Addy is now wide a wake, we all take turns watching Addy while the other is in the bathroom. Now it would only be fair that Addy has her turn right? Right down the front of me. Well after that it is now 3 am. She thinks it is time to play well cause now she feels better. Poor Josh and I can hardly function. We all finally go to bed around 4 am. Needless to say after minimal sleep we all actually feel quite a lot better this morning. Poor Josh threw up so hard he thinks he has thrown his back out. Isn't this just the funnest sounding night of your life! It was, NOT! Hope this never happens EVER again! On the bright side, who knew we could all be sicker than dogs and help eachother out we all had eachothers backs the whole night! As weird as this sounds I have a new appreciation for my family together through the good and the bad united one we stand.


KofoedFamily said...

I am so sorry! That is not fun at all! I am glad you are all feeling better.

Wendy said...

Wow, that sucks. Not much more to say. Sorry guys.