Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bread Making Bed

Yep that is right our Bed now makes Bread. Now it isn't like a loaf of bread, it is more like a thin coating of bread, but hey bread is bread. We weren't brave enough to try it. Anyway here is the story.

Pizza dough not bread, actually I guess, but who cares, wipe some butter on it, and it will taste about the same. We have all of our food storage in our bedroom, and well I have like a 20 pound bag of flour in there since it won't fit in the kitchen, so I'll just walk back there with a bowl and get the amount of flour I need. We'll this time there was something on our floor, so I just put the bowl with all the ingredients (yeast, salt, water, crisco, sugar & flour) on the bed (which just had a sheet on it at the moment thank goodness). I put the last cup of flour in and just set the measuring cup on top to close the bag of sugar, when the bowl split all over the bed. The whole thing didn't spill but apparently enough. So I quickly took the bowl to the kitchen, then went back got the sheets and put them in the washer, then the dryer just like normal. Later when they were done, Josh my wonderful hubby came in to help me put the bed back together. All was going well, when suddenly things were snug, and the fabric was all bunched up together were I had split the mixture. So I pulled it apart and there it was BREAD can you believe it. I have a picture to prove it. Like I said it wasn't like a loaf of bread, but there was probably like a 1/4" of bread, where I had spilt the mixture. Josh said "What is that?" I responded "Bread!" We immediately started laughing, it was so funny. So now you know if you are desperate, with bed sheets, the bread mixture, a washer and dyer walla you can have bread.

Here is our Bed Bread!

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