Wednesday, September 16, 2009

30 Weeks

We'll yesterday was my doctors appointment we are now 30 weeks. They did an ultrasound to see her little face in the 3D or 4D whatever it is. She is a wiggly little thing so we had a hard time getting a good picture, plus she still doesn't like to be seen, so she would put her hand in front of her face, or pick up her cord and put that in front of her face. What a silly little thing she is:) Anyway, we got a good picture of her, but I have no proof since somehow between the hospital and home I've lost the picture, I'm devastated I have no idea were it went :( But she's got a cute little button nose from what I could tell and a little round head and somewhat chubby cheeks, she is so cute! Anyway she is healthy and has a strong heart beat.

Here I am at 30 Weeks, and I was told yesterday that I have the pregnancy waddle down now, so I guess that means it is almost time to be done. I have one 3 week appointment then a 2 week appointment, then it is off to the doctor every week. I can't wait to get her here and see her little face. When I think about her coming the thing I'm the most scared of it the IV needle, and well that would be it, because that will happen first and I just can't get past it. So I guess I'll worry about the needle until it comes, then worry about the rest when it comes. I think that is so silly, I'm not worried about delivery or anything just about that silly IV needle. I HATE needles. They also gave me a flu shot to help protect us from what might come about this fall with the H1N1 virus that is suppose to be really bad. Infact the nurse was so cute, she said I can tell your nervous its okay I'll be quick. I'm a baby!


Heatzz said...

You look so stinkin cute!!!

Jeremy Compton Family said...

I love your cute baby belly! So jealous....