Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She has an Attitude!

Today I went to the Doctor for a check-up. 22 Weeks today YEAH!! 18 left. Anyways everything is going great. Passed all my test for spina bifida, down syndrom, , no heart defects, ect., ect.... Anyways, so she is doing great, but the Doctor said "She has an attitude!" He had to chase her around with the machine to get her heart beat today. He would get it then almost immediately she would move, after 3 moves he finally got it long enought to say she was on schedule and everything sounded great. That is always great news. Everyone that tries to feel her usually can't because she is a little stink, she will kick and kick and kick (she is a little mover) but as soon as someone goes to put their hand there she quits, then as soon as they are gone she is kicking again, she does not like to be touched or looked at we have no idea what her face looks like cause she won't ever look at us, and everyone that ever tries to ultrasound her or even listen to her heart has to chase her, litterally, hopefully that changes a little when she gets here. On a good note, she will let her Daddy feel her everyonce in awhile. We are just excited to get her here.


Keri said...

Oh so cute, I can't wait to see her personality in person. As I was reading your post Aidan said "JESSICA??" and got all excited, lol.

Ruth Done said...

We missed you at Bear Lake! Hope everything keeps going well!