Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shy Baby!

So I went to the Doctor today. He did a little in office ultrasound, and said do you want this baby to be a surprise. I said NO WAY I wanna know! So the Doctor said lets find out. We'll apparently the baby wants to be a surprise. He/she was not cooperative at all. All we could ever see was its toes, spine, and back of its head. Even after being bugged and pushed around. I guess it is shy whatever it is. It is butt down, relaxing on top of my bladder down in my pelvic bone. That little stinker is rolled up in a little ball, head tucked in, legs crossed, and arms crossed. When it would turn it would still be in it's little ball. I couldn't believe it. So I guess we'll wait 2 more weeks and try again. This time were going to the radiology center to see if they have any better luck with the baby. So wish us luck I really wanna know what it is. But other than it being shy the baby is doing great and is right on schedule. Josh and I have this little joke that it must be a girl and hidding like it's mom because I'm super shy. Because if it were a boy like it's dad or the Craguns it wouldn't be so shy. Oh well wish us luck in 2 weeks.

Here is a picture of the little stinker, although it isn't very good because it was hiding most of the time :) And we'll wouldn't let us tell what it was or let us get a picture it was either a picture of the top of it's head, or its spine, and we'll we got the head shot.

Oh and here we are at 18 Weeks (don't like pictures, but was told I needed to take one)


Keri said...

Oh dang, I wish you would've found out!!!! You preggo picture is so cute and you look great!

The Baltazars: said...

dang it! thats frustrating! i'll be crossing my fingers for you! your little theory just might hold true! i'm pretty sure i have a little brett in me..:] not shy at all! little nervous about that! jk! good luck!

Ruth Done said...

Not fair to look so good. I'm that big the day of conception!

Hillary said...

You look great!! I can't wait to find out what you're having! I bet you guys are just dying to find out. I know I was!