Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight Fever!!

So as you all know Twilight is out on DVD now!!!! My little sister slept over last night and we had a really nice time just chillin and watching chick flicks together. I just LOVE her to pieces. It had been a REALLY long week, and I was exhausted so it was nice to be with her and just get in our pj's and relax on the couch.

The reason for this is we were out to get TWIGLIGHT on dvd, but we wanted it in blue ray format, and it happened to be that the only place that sold it that was close to us was Target and they weren't opening the door till eight. We were so excited and even more excited that my cutest little cousin/neighbor decided to go with us. So all three of us packed into the car this morning and waited for the store to open in attempts to grap our copy.
Luckily we all succeeded and ended up with one!

Thanks Celest and Lindsey it was a fun morning!


The Nolands said...

Thanks for letting me tag along-it was a fun and adventurous morning! ps my hair looks way better in your picture-I should have stolen your copy!

Keri said...

I got mine too! Ok, I seriously don't know which is you and which is your sister in the bottom picture!

Josh and Jessica said...

I know isn't that funny, I'm the one in the middle, the chubbier one, marriage has made me put on some not so welcoming weight :) LOL

Ruth Done said...

How fun! I need to see that movie. I love to have my sisters come to my house. It is always so relaxing and fun!