Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Surprise

04/01/09 So I've done a lot of gagging, but today was the first time it came all the way up and out. Not so much fun :( This little thing better be grateful for me when it comes out.

Well we've been trying for a baby for 4 months now. Every month I've been racing to take a test to see if it happened or not. This month was quit different, I couldn't have taken a test Tuesday, but I guess I didn't want to be disappointed so I've just been waiting patiently. Well this morning marked two days of being late. I was going to wait even longer to test, but this morning I just woke up and decided I needed to take a test and it was POSITIVE. There were so many mixed emotions I was so excited and a little scared of the unknown. Anyway, Josh was asleep so I grabbed my camera and took this picture

I was excited to surprise Josh, so while he was sleeping I jumped on his computer and set this picture as his desktop picture, then turned off his computer. Then I walked into the room very calm and told him is was time to get up and get ready for church. All through church I kept looking at all the kids trying to hide my excitement. When we get home he usually rushs to turn on his computer, so I was excited! But of course today he fiddle farted around for a while, it was killing me. He finally turned it on, but never looked over and there it was plain as day, so I kept waiting and waiting and waiting. Finally after about 10 mins of torture, he looks over and says "What the CRAP!" a couple times.... "Are you serious?".... Then he got a cute look on his face and gave me a huge hug. I know he is excited, but I think he is freaked out too.... So I guess I'm almost 5 weeks along... YAY us!!!


Keri said...

That was the cutest way to break it to Josh - I might steal that for the next one! I love it! Where did you get the idea? Oh, and I'm sorry about throwing up, been there - done that! :(

The Nolands said...

Yea! I am so excited for you guys. I love how you told Josh-that is so clever. I've never had the patience to do something cute like that...Allan always knows the second I do. Good luck with it all!

hano&brittanymelendez said...

First of all congrats that is so exciting, second of all what is that wet drop on the test!! :)By the way I think it will be a girl.