Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Vegas Get Away...

F.Y.I - very long post...

Okay so we got back from our fun trip to Vegas, NV this morning.

We left for Vegas, NV early morning Thursday morning to have a little vacation we went to celebrate our late anniversary/valentines. And to visit a couple of our dear friends that moved away to go to medical school.

Both Josh and I decided our favorite part about the vacation was spending time with our good friends Doug and Joyce! Thanks guys we had a blast!!!

A couple of Random thoughts to Start out with
1- Cigarettes stink, cigars smell even worse.
2- With all the second hand smoke I got this weekend, I'm pretty sure my life is going to be cut a few years short.
3-The casino's didn't smell as bad as I thought they would.
4-We didn't gamble anything at all. I did however have one penny in my pocket that I wanted to but in a slot machine, but they don't take penny's anymore you have to put in a whole dollar so that was a deal breaker for me. So sorry Vegas you didn't get any of my money :)
5-Most drunk people you end up talking too in the elevator are very funny.
6-Casino's are HUGE!!!

So staring from the top.
We got up and left thursday morning, we drove so we spent a lot of time in our little civic. We bought a book on tape for our trip it was called 'The graveyard boy', highly recomend it we both liked it. We got to vegas at about 4 pm, checked into our hotel.

We stayed at the Excalibur...

We got a hotel package were we got alot of coupons to different places, so most of our vacation we ended up doing what we had coupons for. After we got checked in went down stairs and used our tickets for the Magic Motion Thrill Ride. It sounds really dumb, but we really like it.

Then we used our free arcaide tickets. We spent most of our tickets trying to win Josh a dragon, finally we did win it, then we had just enough tickets that we played another game and won another little dog.

Stuffed dragon and dog

Later we just walked around the strip then at 8:30 we had tickets for the Tournament of the Kings. We they had a HUGE dinner you ate with your fingers. Then they did a 95 min show with sword fighting, jousting etc. That was really fun too, odly enough we ended up sitting next to a couple from Salt Lake City, UT

They wouldn't let us take pictures of the show so this is all we have.
There is a arena were they have dirt

After that we were exhausted so we went up to our room and went to bed.

We started off with breakfast, then we went to the casino next door to go to the bodies exhibition. I thought it was really neat, but poor Josh shouldn't have probably gone through he got so sick to his stomach, he flew through the place.

Here is Josh after Bodies he didn't throw up, but we thought it was fitting to get his picture like this.

Then we wandered around the strip for awhile, then we went back to the luxor casino, which is amazing, and went to the titanic exhibition. This one I LOVED!!!

After this we met up with our dear friends Doug and Joyce and had such a fun, fun, fun night. They seriously were the BEST party of the trip. We went to dinner at Chili's then went to there house and just hung out. We got to see there house and meet there new little addition to the family Oscar the cutes mini Yorkie you'll ever see.

We left there house pretty late and headed back to our hotel and went to sleep.

We woke up early and got packed up, then we checked out of our hotel. Doug and Joyce meet us at the Mandalay Bay Casino, were we went to Sharks Reef. We all really enjoyed this.

But before we went in we found this sign and made Josh stand by it.

Here are a few pictures of Sharks Reef!

We got to touch a sting ray

Here we are in Caesars Palace

We left to go home around 4, we got home about 1:30-2 this morning.
We had such a great time. Thanks Doug and Joyce.


Keri said...

LOoks like fun. Weird thing is that we are doing the Bodies and Titanic exhibit too - and probably the shark reef. I'm getting excited! And I want your friend's bad!

Wendy said...

I'm glad you guys had such a great time! I bet it was a blast to see Doug and Joyce, those were fun days weren't they? Well, happy anniversary/ V-day. I'm glad it was a nice one.

Ruth Done said...

It looks like you guys had a fun time. I'm not a big fan of Vegas, but you can always find tons of fun things to do.