Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Motion Sickness

Okay it is official, everything makes me sick, and no I am not pregnant I have always had this problem, it just seems to keep getting worse. From the time I can remember I have always had a problem ridding in the car and getting sick. Unfortunately my Grandma learned the hard way. One time when my Grandma took me out for a nice birthday dinner, all the way home I kept telling my Grandma "Grandma I feel sick you better pull over." She just kept saying were almost home, you'll be just fine, and then you can guess what happened I got sick, she didn't pull over and there was a mess to clean up. That is the only thing that has ever made me sick until, well, I guess I got married. I have recently found out in the past two or three years that now I get sick on planes, cars, roller coasters, boats when there are waves, and here are some odd ones, I can't sit to a movie too close or it makes me sick, can't watch a movie that moves too fast or I get sick, and here is a new one, I can't watch things go up and down now or I get sick. I was at work helping my sister pump glue out of a barrel, she was putting her whole body into it. Finally I had to look away because the up and down motion was making me seriously sick to my stomach. So it is official I think I have severe motion sickness.

Anyway, my life is pretty boring, so I hope you don't get too bored reading it, but I thought it was kind of funny that I can now add one more thing that gives me motion sickness.


hano&brittanymelendez said...

Hey Jessica,
I am glad that you have started a blog!! You are so funny with your motion sickness. I hope all is well!

Keri Mead said...

Oh how funny! I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

Tel and Sherie said...

I just found your blog Im going to add you to my friends list.

Josh & Jessica said...

Okay that sounds great

Mark and Hillari Cragun said...

Yea jess. I love it. I am so glad you started your blog. keep it up.