Monday, May 2, 2011

Introducing Chi Chi aka Daddy!

Let's just say it was a bad night for Josh.....

Here are a couple of his explanations....

"So... I have this nice Sennheiser headset, padded ear cups, adjustable microphone, great sound, all around great product... About five minutes ago, my daughter somehow managed to get the cord inside the paper shredder, a feat I have been unable to duplicate. Now my headphones are cordless." ~ Josh

"I am no longer Daddy. Jessica is still mommy. Jessica's dad is still panpa. But now Addy calls me: Chi Chi. So... she ruins my headphones and starts calling me Chi Chi. I'm annoyed." ~ Josh

You'll be happy to know, Josh got new better headphones, and is now Daddy again :)

~Addy's new headphones

~what mom

~the shredded end

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