Friday, October 29, 2010

Jen's Day Off

So Jen & I decided at the last minute when she didn't have to work that we would go and use the tickets I had bought to wheeler farms, Josh & I were going to go but then things got crazy and we couldn't go and were just going to forget about it, but then Jen ended up having the day off so it ended up working out nicely. We made a day of it, the girls had SO much fun! After wheeler farm, we went to the mall got dinner, and then had carmeled apples, Jen had never had one she was in for such a treat. Then we bought the hubbies one, and got them dinner on the way home, aren't we good wifes :)

Getting started

Geese & Ducks


Petting Goats

Corn Maze

Choosing Pumpkins

Hay Ride


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Anonymous said...

Looks so fun! I love our little girls bow! Adorable!! Cute the little ones are about the same age, the picture of just the two of them is super cute! Your a darling mommy! :0)