Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Our upstairs neighbors are some of our best friends, Josh grew up with the husband. We have such amazing neighbors we may never leave our little 4-plex. Anyways our little girls are like 6 months apart and they just have the best time playing together. Every morning they go on a walk which they love for the most part they are always reaching over and holding hands. Here are a couple of pictures.

We've started watching Evelyn a few days a week while her mom goes to work for a couple of hours. They've been having so much fun playing, Addy won't leave Evy's side she follows her where ever she goes. Today I was trying to get some dishes done so they came to the kitchen with me. I put Addy in her walker and Evy would push her around and she would giggle, then Evy would climb on the back and hold on to the seat and Addy would pull her around and the would giggle. It was the funniest thing. They are both so cute!

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