Sunday, June 27, 2010

He's Leav'n on a Jet Plane.... He'll be back in 2 Yrs.

My little much taller Brother opened his mission call tonight... Watch out Tuscon, AZ here he comes! He is such a sweet heart. He will be an amazing missionary we are so so so proud of him what a kid! He was also set apart as an Elder, that was also AMAZING to watch. I LOVE this kid. I will miss him so much, but he will be where he is suppose to be. He enters the MTC October 20th, 3 days after we all get home from the Bahamas I have a feeling it is going to be a crazy summer... (I'll post some photos later)


aubreyanna said...

I can't believe Dave is that old! Seems like yesterday he was 8! I am so proud of him!

Mrs. Bennett said...

That is CRAZY! I still picture him as a little boy. So Cool. Way to go Dave!

Brady & Chelsey said...

Bahamas! How fun!! What are you going there for?! That sounds like a blast! I am so excited for Dave! He'll do great!