Friday, October 23, 2009


I find it amazing that these little babies already have their personalities... I just can't seem to figure out this little one of our's though... She hides for all of her ultrasounds and the Doc. chases her for her heart beat although she is getting big enough she has a harder time running away now :) .... She now loves to stick one little foot up in my ribs right out of my tummy... Everytime we touch her she moves she doesn't kick back she just hides, I think it is so funny... So I'm trying to figure out if she is shy or doesn't like to be touched... But she does like to curl up in a little ball and make my tummy lopsided so my guess is she is shy, but who knows guess we'll find out soon enough :) Also some funny observations, she somehow knows her daddy and myself even though she hasn't ever seen or really meet us. She seems to know her daddy's voice and touch. And if I start talking alot she'll start to move around like she is trying to get my attention or something.

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steveandjodiwinn said...

Jessica isn't it so much fun! You will be a great Mommy. My little ones did the same thing as yours. They would always have there arm over there face and be curled in a ball. And I have to say they are shy now so I bet your little one probably will be too:)