Sunday, August 30, 2009

Daddy Moment

Today Josh/Daddy woke up to a surprise. This might be boring to some, but I think it was cute. Well lately Josh tells the baby goodnight, when I take off to bed. I just love that, but anyway this morning we woke up and before we got out of bed, Josh rolled over and put his arms around me although it's getting harder to do:) His one arm was over top of my belly, and I was lying on my side. Little baby girl started wiggling and wiggling not kicking just wiggling but you can usually feel her moving around. I'm like did you feel that? He sat there for a little while then was like "What is she doing in there?" I said I have no idea she moves a lot. He thought that was pretty cool to just feel her move around under his arm, then she started to give him some good kicks. Maybe she was just letting him know she was there, who knows. But I'm pretty sure she knows her Daddy already.

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Keri said...

So cute, love it!