Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A couple of Crazy Weeks

So I had some more fun pictures to post, but my Camera eat them, so I'm sorry...

August 2nd - We went to church and our good friends Eric and Jenny blessed there darling little girl. Then we went to there lunchin, then we headed straight to a dinner at Josh's mom's, then we all left and went down to the Union Station to get family pictures. Then to finish of the day Josh's brother that is in town came over and we played games.

August 1st - We spent the whole day with the same friends :) We just can't get enough... We went to Miles & Jocilyns were we learned to can pickles.. We had so much fun doing it all together that we decided we should do it every year together. Later Josh and Miles watched a movie, and Jocilyn and I headed out for a couple of hours of shopping at Kohls. Then even later, the boys headed up to Morgan for a guys night. And 3 of us girls headed to Layton to see a movie. We saw 'My sisters keeper' so so sad but was really good.

July 31st - Josh had a soccer game, and we spent the night with friends.

July 30th - This week we had one of Josh's brothers come into town, and also his sister.. YEAH we love when they come to town. We miss them so much, so it is so good to see them every once in a while. Plus we get to see our 2 little nephews which we adore.
o Anyways, we all got together for another pool party/ BBQ.

Here are a couple pictures... Note my belly getting bigger... Between 23-24 weeks...

July 25th - Date night with my parents... So fun, went to Harry Potter and out to dinner at Good Wood BBQ, food was so yummy we had so fun with my parents were going to try and do a special date night once a month :) Note: Josh got food poisoning 3 hours later, not so much fun...

July 24th - Went to Josh's brothers house for a pool party and BBQ was so fun and enjoyable. Later that night we got eaten alive by the mesquites.

July 11th - 12th We were invited to go join a couple of friends at their cabin in the Unita's for a night... The cabin was more like a house, but was so fun... We enjoyed eachother's company, games, food, and a outdoor movie..


The Nolands said...

Wow, sounds like you guys are having loads of fun!

Adam and Natalie said...

Your pictures are so so cute!