Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We'll we just got back from the Doctor and ITS ALIVE after last weeks events, I was really nervous although I knew I really had nothing to worry about, but anyone who knows me knows I'm an extreme worry wurt. Josh came to the appointment with me too it was so fun to have him there with me to see the baby and it now looks human so that is so fun, and he got to hear its little heart beat. He said he knew it was going to be fast but was still amazed at just how fast its little heart did beat. Here are it's new pictures, it is about 8.37 cm from crown to rump and measuring about an ounce that is SO small. I just LOVE it, I can't wait till November. You can't see the pictures of it real well, but in the office you could see it's little arms and legs so well.

Here you can see it's little head, body, arm and leg. In the office you could see it so clear you could even see it's little spine.

And of course I have to brag about my husband real quick, and let him know how much I love him he is my life. He was such a good sport to come to my appointment, just watching the ultrasound made him a little queezy so I think we may have some problems when we deliver LOL. But at lunch time he called to see what I wanted, anything I wanted because he said he was going to pick me up lunch, how sweet. Then when we got out of the hospital for the appointment he took me out to dinner. What a sweet heart. I couldn't have a better husband. I love him so much!

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Ruth Done said...

Isn't it fun to see it grow?!!! Sorry about your bad day. When I was prego with Jack I fell really bad down some stairs. I was freaking out just like you. I went in and everything was fine, but I was a mess! Sorry that had to happen!