Monday, April 13, 2009

Funny Reactions

My Grandma Bingham - silent at first then she took me back in a room and pulled out a blanket and said, "I wanna be the first one to give you a present!"

My Dad - "Is this a joke?"

My Mom - "I'm gonna be a Grandma."

Josh's Mom was so funny she jumped up and down making a squeeling noise.

My 8 year old brother - "I don't wanna be an uncle, I'm hungry." (I guess we shouldn't have pulled him away from the table.)

Mackenzie (BFF) - "Does this make me a half Aunt?"

Karlie (neice) - "Whoooo! Yay! Finally! Whoo! Ah Yay! Oh my gosh!"

Erica (really good friend) - "OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! Your child is going to be spoiled with old navy clothing:)"

Lindsey (sister) - "I knew it!"

Grandma Anderson - "Is this good news or bad news?" (she hasn't had very good luck in the news department lately, me "Very good news!" Grandma "Are you gonna be a Momma?"

I just love these reactions they are precious, these were just a few that we thought were so funny.


Wendy said...

Yea!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I just got the message and I just checked this for the first time since the big news! Yea!!!!!!! Whoot! Whoot! Congrats! We are so happy for you and wish you the absolute best of luck!!!

Kyle and Jess Thackeray said...

Uh, congrats! This is SO exciting! I am so happy for you! I am glad that you will finally be able to use all of your baby stuff that you've been collecting for years! Love ya! :)

Ruth Done said...

I am sooooooo excited for you!!!! It was a year ago on Easter that I told everyone about Ben. It is the Best to be a MOM. Good luck with the whole sick thing. We are way excited!

aubreyanna said...

I love Alex's comment! LOL You will have the baby and then he will love to be an uncle!

Jaques said...

Wow, thats great news. We are not very good at following blogs lately and since Josh is a putz and didn't even consider sending a text, this is our reaction. My first reaction when scrolling down to see the test stick was "is that pee on the display?.....ewww"