Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well all I can say is this year is for Valentines we were super lame! But that is okay we still had fun. We slept in until about 11 am then made breakfast together. Josh made some pretty awesome pancakes! Usually we kind of combine Valentines and our Anniversary since they are so close and do something kind of big. But we have never been this lame, anyways, after breakfast we cleaned, yep that is right CLEANED!!! Josh got the bedroom cleaned, and I did all the laundry and cleaned the kitchen including moping the floors. At about 7 pm we went to Cafe Rio for some take-out, we were going to rent a fun movie, but I couldn't find one I really wanted to see so we finished our last episode of Battlestar Galactica Season 4 and then watched a very unromantic movie. It was still fun though. We've been married for almost 3 yrs now and I love him more and more each day. Thanks Hun for all you do I just love you to pieces. I'm so glad that I get to spend the rest of eternity with you!

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